7 Ways To Wear Red As A Bridesmaid!

When you’re a bridesmaid, while you can truly wear anything under the sun that you’d want to, red is oneshading you’d be somewhat on the edge about. All things considered, much the same as white is the shading for Christian ladies, red is hued as the ‘marriage shading’ for Hindu weddings, and a great deal of young ladies should seriously think about it somewhat taboo as a bridesmaid. In any case, here are a few different ways to sport red at a wedding as the bridesmaid, and we think insofar as you’re not wearing your own entire red marriage group as a bridesmaid, you’re sheltered 🙂

With an Indo-western outline

This present lady of the hour’s sister wore a red lehenga as well, however with an off shoulder shirt and straightforward work-on the off chance that the lady of the hour in wearing a customary red lehenga, at that point the bridesmaid can pull off wearing a less difficult lehenga or outfit, yet which isn’t conventional in any way!

Differentiating dupatta that breaks the dreariness of red

This bridesmaid wore red as well, however broke the dreariness of a red ‘wedding’ look with a yellow dupatta, which is for the most part what might highlight in her headshots as well.

Only a plain red lehenga skirt

These bridesmaids wore plain red skirts, with beige pullovers and dupattas, another approach to sport red for bridesmaids.

 again wear it with just a red dupatta

This present lady of the hour’s sister wore an ivory kurta with a red skirt and red dupatta, yet her look basically looked ‘non-red’.


Just a red choli with an alternate hued lehenga

The bridesmaid on the left of the lady of the hour wore a red choli and dupatta, however matched it with a plain pink fuchsia skirt which made her look dissimilar to the lady of the hour.

As a piece of an entire gathering

On the off chance that more than one bridesmaid is sporting red, at that point it functions admirably as well! Particularly when they’re all wearing precisely the same outfit.