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Best wedding photography in Jammu & Kashmir

Best wedding photography in Jammu & Kashmir |Moody’s Photography Production |Rohit and Anju Wedding

Best wedding photography in Jammu & Kashmir. You know that every Pre- wedding needs a perfect story which we can carve at screen with our best cinematic and candid photography. But to start it at some point , we need to know the chemistry between the couple. Anther love Chemistry we get to know about this beautiful couple name “Rohit and Anju“. The moment they met they felt a bond is connecting. But when they gave time to each other they were very much sure that there search is now over. So they finally decided to give a shape to this relationship that is Wedding. But before that they decided to capture there love story with us i.e. Moody’s Photography and Production. Here we are with their story and chemistry in the form of best pre wedding video. We hope you would like there love and affection with our cinematic presentation. You can book your wedding in india or anywhere in abroad

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7 Ways To Wear Red As A Bridesmaid!

7 Ways To Wear Red As A Bridesmaid!

When you’re a bridesmaid, while you can truly wear anything under the sun that you’d want to, red is oneshading you’d be somewhat on the edge about. All things considered, much the same as white is the shading for Christian ladies, red is hued as the ‘marriage shading’ for Hindu weddings, and a great deal of young ladies should seriously think about it somewhat taboo as a bridesmaid. In any case, here are a few different ways to sport red at a wedding as the bridesmaid, and we think insofar as you’re not wearing your own entire red marriage group as a bridesmaid, you’re sheltered 🙂

With an Indo-western outline

This present lady of the hour’s sister wore a red lehenga as well, however with an off shoulder shirt and straightforward work-on the off chance that the lady of the hour in wearing a customary red lehenga, at that point the bridesmaid can pull off wearing a less difficult lehenga or outfit, yet which isn’t conventional in any way!

Differentiating dupatta that breaks the dreariness of red

This bridesmaid wore red as well, however broke the dreariness of a red ‘wedding’ look with a yellow dupatta, which is for the most part what might highlight in her headshots as well.

Only a plain red lehenga skirt

These bridesmaids wore plain red skirts, with beige pullovers and dupattas, another approach to sport red for bridesmaids.

 again wear it with just a red dupatta

This present lady of the hour’s sister wore an ivory kurta with a red skirt and red dupatta, yet her look basically looked ‘non-red’.


Just a red choli with an alternate hued lehenga

The bridesmaid on the left of the lady of the hour wore a red choli and dupatta, however matched it with a plain pink fuchsia skirt which made her look dissimilar to the lady of the hour.

As a piece of an entire gathering

On the off chance that more than one bridesmaid is sporting red, at that point it functions admirably as well! Particularly when they’re all wearing precisely the same outfit.

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Different Lehenga Color Combination for Brides that are Going to Rule in 2019

Different Lehenga Color Combination for Brides that are Going to Rule in 2019

Directly from quiet ivories and beautiful reds to mitigating pastels, metallics and unpredictable tones, the shading palette for wedding lehengas length over a million shades for ladies to browse. Ladies have been exploring different avenues regarding their outfit tints strikingly while lifting the marriage design scene relentlessly.

That being stated, a ton of ladies are additionally blending and match various shades to clergyman the marriage gathering they had always wanted that is likewise expressive of their own style. By joining or difference the dazzling shirts, the beguiling dupattas and the lehenga skirts in various tints, ladies have been intensely picking some striking lehenga shading mixes. To present to you probably the best lehenga shading mixes for ladies that are without a doubt going to run in 2019, we’ve curated this blog and it’s going to cause you to go frail in the knees.

Look down beneath and screen capture the lehenga shading mixes that calls to your heart!

Most recent and Trending Lehenga Color Combination for Brides of 2019

  1. Infant Pink & Pale Peach
  2. Orange & Hot Pink
  3. Turquoise & Blush Pink
  4. Red & Burnt Orange
  5. Pistachio Green & Light Pink
  6. Indigo & Ice Blue
  7. Powder Pink & Ice Blue
  8. Peach & Sage Green
  9. Ocean Green & Pale Pink
  10. Powder Blue & Peach
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wedding Photography

Best Wedding and Pre-wedding shoot in Chandigarh- Moody’s Production

  1. Wedding photography 

Wedding day is one of the most important day of everyone’s life and wedding photography is also very important part of whole function. It is the best way to remember the happiness of any occasion and celebration. Moody’s Photography and Production is one of the wedding photographers which truly captures the richness; from details to decorations and the well-thought dresses, Moody does justice to its essence. The colourful photography and stunning bridal shoots steal away the hearts of anyone who glances at the collection. The candid photographs will be tear jerking and the professional shoots will be classy, this really shows the versatility of Moody’s Photography and Production. The minimalism in the photographs truly brings out the focus of the event, the bride and groom of the day. Moody uses natural backdrops instead of the fake looking gaudy studio backdrops which brings out the elegant look in his shoots. The timelessness of wedding photography is important, and Moody can give you just that. Wedding ceremony images are much more than a simple record. A picture can express joy, sorrow, wonder & sympathy, but wedding photos are more than that it consists of love, promise, memory and passion. Moody is a brilliant wedding photographer. He uses the latest technologies to capture the best moments during weddings and bring them to life.

2.  Pre-wedding Shoot 

Sikh prewedding photography


It is a pre-wedding photography idea that is fast increasing in popularity as couples all over India are embracing the idea of announcing the joy of their imminent nuptials to the world at large with a photo shoot of epic proportions. This fast rising trend is all about trying to savour all the great moments of love, compassion, joy, expectation and anxiety that go rampant through the psyches of the new groom and bride in the days leading up to their wedding day. The first step of cardinal importance is to establish a bond of comfort and trust between the couple and the photographer. They will have to work closely together to capture the intimate glory of these moments in all their perfection. The stronger the bond, the better pre-wedding photography turns out to be. During a pre-wedding photo session, the person behind the lens will have all the time to carefully line up the celebrating couple in whatever pose that is needed in just the right background with the luxury of as many retakes as it takes. Even limitations of light can be absolved with adequate light sources around. The only focus is the cementing bond between the new couple. In pre wedding photography the shoot is usually done a few weeks before the wedding. The actual day of the wedding has couples rushing all over the place and most of the photos are taken with friends and relatives. However, pre wedding photography allows couples to wear their beautiful outfits, and pick their favourite poses and locations to save forever through photos.


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Best Portrait photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography 

Moody’s Photography and Production specialises in capturing images in a style that is modern yet timeless, exciting and vibrant, with a focus on exciting moments and pure fun. Moody and his co-photographers use their years of experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your photos are exactly the way you want them to be. Photography is a lifelong passion for Joy, and this is reflected in the stunning images he produces. The love of photography in all forms is the driving force behind Chandigarh based Moody’s Photography and Production. With an energetic personality and skill for capturing gorgeous, intriguing images. This incredible Fashion Portrait Photographer strives to create a story with his work. Whatever the occasion, Moody’s Photography and Production is there to catch the magic on sensor film before the moment passes. There are many different techniques for portrait photography. Often it is desirable to capture the subject’s eyes and face in sharp focus while allowing other less important elements to be rendered in a soft focus. At other times, portraits of individual features might be the focus of a composition such as the hands, eyes or part of the subject’s torso. Chandigarh based photographer, Moody provides portraits that capture personality and tailored to each brands needs. His work is impactful, graphic and creative. His portfolio and specialities include portraiture both for business and celebrity. He genuinely loves what he does which is why tend to work with repeat clients over a number of years. His enthusiasm comes through in every commission. 

We heard, people often says-“I’m not photogenic”. But the truth is every face is beautiful on its own & unique way. The job of a photographer is to bring out that hidden beauty from the person . We don’t care whether you are slim or fat, dark or fair. We care the most is you. We care about the uniqueness you posses. We know how to force people to look at your picture and say – “WOW!!”

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product shoot

Product Photography

Product Photography

Product Photography is an important design element for an e-commerce portal, as the sense of sight plays a major role in online shopping. One of the challenges for an e-commerce site is to satisfy the needs of a customer wanting to touch and feel the product before buying it. Visually appealing product images have the power to impress & persuade a customer into buying a product and tend to affect your website’s bounce rate and conversion rates.

Product images should not only be appealing, but also match your brand’s image and the overall aesthetics of your website. Instead of solely relying on your vendor for product images, one needs to plan and make use of the best product images that have the potential to sell. This is where professional product photographers come into play, to bring out unexplored angles of a product and visually explain the product functionality in the simplest way possible. Moody is one of the leading photographers in Chandigarh with a unique style and eye for detail. Much known for his fashion and commercial photography, Moody has worked across various brands & industries. He has worked with a wide range of corporate clients as well as advertising agencies and specializes in identifying and highlighting the uniqueness of each product through his camera lens.
His strong technical knowledge and passion for the art has helped him go a long way in accomplishing projects for clients in the field of fashion, food, architecture & consumer goods.
He strongly believes that a good product photograph can increase its chances of selling and uses his several years of experience in creating the right product portfolio for his clients.

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moody's wedding photograph

Perfect photographer to capture your special memories

The first and key step to finding a perfect photographer to capture your special memories is to set a budget for wedding photography

Over the years that we’ve been photographing weddings, what we’ve come to realize is that most prospective clients who reach out to us have no idea where to start when it comes to finding the photographer best suited to their wedding or how much it should cost. Some don’t bat an eyelid when they hear approximate budgets from us while others have been astounded. What it boils down to is that there is no industry standard or even a right/wrong answer. It all depends on two factors – one, how much emphasis and priority you place on wedding photography; and, two, how much you have allocated towards the photography & cinema cost.

Wedding photography is a once in a lifetime purchase. It’s an investment in capturing memories that will last you a lifetime. It’s not like any other commodity or consumable that you can set a monthly budget for – like groceries, personal grooming or even shopping. These are much more tangible and easier to budget for. As a bride or groom to be, with a wedding to plan and a thousand other details to figure out before the big day, there are so many things that you could spend your wedding budget on – from venue & catering to decor, entertainment, clothes & make-up artists etc. The avenues are endless and over-spending is inevitable. Which is why it is very important to have a figure in your mind that you feel is appropriate. It is a personal opinion and you are the only person who can decide what budget works for you. Without that figure in mind, it is difficult to judge whether a photographer whose work you like is below, within or above your budget.

Wedding photography today is available at all price points and you can pick and choose what works for you. But remember this: cheap or bargain deal doesn’t necessarily mean “Value for Money”. The ideal scenario is hiring a photographer or team who’s style you like, is a reputed professional and whose charges fall in your budget. Trust us, there are great photographers in every budget and you will be able to find one best suited to you. But to begin the hunt, you need to have a budgetary benchmark. And that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Cheap does not mean Value-For-Money

There is no dearth of wedding photographers today. A huge variety of services are available at different price points. If you don’t decide on a budget, you will be confused with the sheer number of photographers available in the market. We’re sure that you can find a photographer for any price range that you set. But bear in mind that cheap and quantity will not always mean quality.

While it might be tempting to hire someone who seems to offer a lot in very less, remember that you get what you pay for. Although this is not a guarantee, you can generally assume that a more expensive photographer would have more experience, be better known (brand name), have a reputation as a professional and be more reliable. Those are definitely qualities worth paying for. But this doesn’t mean that more reasonable photographers lack talent, dedication or professionalism. In another roundabout way, we are saying that there are good photographers in every possible budget. It all depends on how highly you prioritize your wedding photography and cinema.

Bear in mind that you are not only hiring someone to capture your precious moments but also investing in the expertise and experience they will offer while shooting your wedding story. Your wedding pictures are kind of a big deal! It is unquestionably important to find a photographer in your budget. But it is also equally important to find someone who will capture your wedding day with respect and love. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a less experienced photographer, so long as they match your vision for your day. So, choose wisely!

So now that we’ve confused you with so many suggestions, what should you do, you ask us? Well, read on!

What do we recommend?

We absolutely understand that a wedding has thousand other expenses that you need to take care of. First and foremost, decide if spending on wedding photography is what you and your fiance want. Is it your priority? Do you value those timeless memories over other aspects of your wedding? And although we would love to think that wedding photography is a priority for every couple out there, it all depends on how important it is to you. Like we said earlier, there is no correct budget, just what is right for you and for your wedding.

So how do you set one?

Our recommendation for setting a budget for wedding photography is this: 10-15% of your total wedding expenditure. It’s not about how much you can afford but, rather, how much you want to allocate. If the (celebrity) entertainment is more important to you than the wedding photography, for example, then you’ll know to set your budget as less than 10%. We are confident that you’ll be able to find a good photographer in that budget as well.

Or, conversely, if your wedding photos are a super-high priority and you have a photographer in mind whose work you adore but who is outside your budget, then stretching beyond the 15% and scrimping on something else is also a good solution.

But if you don’t have a budget in mind, how will you be able to take these decisions?

We for one, are big advocators of capturing the most important day of your life as timeless memories in pictures. Not just because we are in the business, but because we truly believe that memories should be captured for posterity. Years from now, after your wedding is over, the decorations are pulled down and the food has been eaten, what will remain with you are the pictures and the movies. The moments and your fleeting emotions captured eternally. Our recommendation may sound like a lot, but what you get in return is priceless. It’s a lifetime of precious memorabilia.

A final piece of advice? Don’t buy into any trends or get taken away with what the wedding magazines and websites tell you to do. It’s your special day and your experience and memories are the most important. So give it a great deal of thought and find a way to balance out your style and artist preference with the budget that you can allocate.

We would love to answer any more questions you have on the topic!


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