Best Pre Wedding Shoot in Australia | Pankit and Ramneek

Presenting the Love story of our very cute couple Pankit and Ramneek by Moody’s Photography and Production. A very special and different love story which had very different turns not in their life but also at every step they took forward in their love story. A story which started in India and then went to Australia with loops and turns. All they believed is in time and their bond. They decided to explain their very beautiful love story with this pre wedding which made them confident about their journey. They never seen each other before , they just met with coincidence , they just met casually and yes then they decided to live into each others arm forever. Why this story is special and what really happened as PANKIT was not sure that this gonna happen and what made them to stick around each other and did Ramneek father said yes?????? I don’t think so. So Its time to find out what exactly gonna happen and very beautiful love story by Moody’s Photography and Production with beautiful and love moments captured so beautifully.